Vintage E Series Fender Squire Telecaster Made In Japan

1983 Squier Telecaster Custom CTC 55 JV series MIJ
1983 Squier Telecaster Custom CTC 55 JV series MIJ
   US $649.99
 2602905520314230 Vintage E Series Fender Squire Telecaster Made In Japan

For sale today is a vintage 1984 Fender Squire E series Made in Japan Telecaster This is one of the first of the FAMOUS JAPANESE FENDER GUITARS EVER BADGED AS A SQUIRE. In the 80's Fender had production at the renowned Fuji-Jen Factory as a few years went by Fender Usa decided as did most guitar players that the japanese produced telecaster and stratocaster were superior to the product FENDER USA was producing here in the USA, Hence the SQUIRE designation. this is a highly sought after E-series (one of the very first produced in 1984). It doesnt have the  JV designation in front of the serial number or the later introduced CIJ in front of the serial number so i believe this to be one of the first Squire guitars ever badged as such. The serial number on this guitar is E688801 (good luck finding it on any serial number dating site they officially start on E8xxxxx so this confirms that it is one ofthe first squire made in japan telecaster ever produced. Now that we have all the BS!#@!!@$#@!@ officially out of the way lets get on to the guitar itself. It is a beautifully aged Buterscotch alder telecaster with a gorgeous aged maple /maple neck with 6150 frets (great shape) with a little bit of play wear on the  fretboard. The only non-original part on this guitar is someone along the line 27 years that this guitar has been around someone added a Seymour Duncan HOT RAIL stack pickup in the bridge with a mini-toggle to activate the humbucker /single coil / out of phase sound alot like an a ALBERT COLLINS WIRING SETUP!!!!!  IT HAS A COUPLE SLIGHT DINGS AND SOME PLAYER WEAR  SEE PICS BUT FOR FOR A GUITAR THIS OLD AND THIS COLLECTABEL ALL IT DOES IS ADD CHARACTER AND VALUE! SO BID AWAY CAUSE IF YA'LL DONT WANT IT I'LL @#!@%@#$%@ KEEP IT WITHOUT A DOUBT! THANKS FOR LOOKING AND HAPPY BIDDING !

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