Play Like A Rock And Roll Superstar On A Classic Electric Squier Telecaster Guitar!

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The affordable, stylish Squier Telecaster Guitar is the perfect electric guitar for the budget-minded modern musician. Beginners as well as seasoned professionals agree that Squier by Fender makes instruments that live up to the company’s legendary reputation.

Squire TelecasterFender Musical Instruments Corporation is one of the best known manufacturers of guitars and amps. Their guitars are famous throughout the world as the instruments that first engendered the electric rock sound, and vintage Telecasters are highly prized by guitarists and collectors alike.

If a collectible classic instrument is a bit out of your price range, this baby may be just what you are looking for. It plays like a dream, and costs a fraction of the price of its big brother.

The modern Telecaster guitar features a lighting-fast neck profile reminiscent of its late nineteen-sixties namesake. Two hot single-coil pickups deliver all the sound you crave, with enough dynamic range for screaming leads, melodic arpeggios and driving rhythms.

The bright, powerful tone and impressive sustain of the Squier Telecaster are attributable to its hardwood construction (Agathis body, Maple neck and Rosewood fretboard) working in perfect harmony with its classic Fender-designed electronics (two Alnico magnet single coil pickups controlled by common volume and tone knobs and a three position toggle switch).

Squier Telecaster

The standard model boasts twenty-two frets and the added stability of the strings through body style bridge. It also features die-cast tuning machines, chrome hardware, a three-layer pick guard, fretboard inlays and engraving on the neck plate.

They are getting ready to introduce two new models this year, the Classic Vibe Custom and Classic Vibe Thinline, which are based on a pair of historic designs from the sixties made popular by rock, blues, country and jazz players of that era.

The Custom has a sunburst finish with a double-bound alder body and a mint green pick guard, the Thinline is a semi-hollow design made of mahogany with f-holes and a white pick guard. Both have a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and twenty-one frets, custom alnico single-coil pickups, a three saddle bridge and vintage-style tuners.

The Squier Telecaster Guitar series is the first place to turn if you want an all around great looking and great playing axe.